Terms and conditions


Boat tours can be booked through the website if other dates are preferred please write in the email for tour request with the preferred dates.

Dogsled tours are only bookable through email so write the preferred dogsled tour and the dates to email
Clothes renting are only available if you book dogsled with Ilulissat Tourist Nature, you can get them at our office one day before the dogsled tour.

Guided hiking tours are bookable through the email.


Tours that are booked through the website will be paid when the booking is confirmed.

Payment for the tours booked through the email there will be send an invoice to be paid 1 month before the tour starts.

Bookings made 30-7 days before tour start will be paid at least 3 days before the tour starts or will be cancelled by Ilulissat Tourist Nature


Cancellation made by Ilulissat Tourist Nature due to not enough required participants (5) or due to weather will be moved to the next available date if not possible there will be full refund of the price of the tour

Cancellation made by the clients 1 month before the tour will be fully refunded.

Cancellations made by clients 30-14 days before the tour will be refunded with the half the price of the tour.

Cancellations made by clients 13-1 days before the tour will be considered as NO SHOW booking refund will not be made.

Tours & Pick-up:

In Ilulissat Tourist Nature we provide the pick up to some hotels and hostels you can choose while you make the booking, if you do not choose a pick-up place then you will be near to Ilulissat Tourist Nature office 40 minutes before the tour starts.

Children aged 2-11 will be charged half the price for the boat tours except Eqi tour which has a flat price for children.

Children under 7 years old can not go on a dogsled for safety reasons children from 7-12 can go on a dogsled tour if assisted with an adult (2 in one sled)


In any tour we have if one or more clients get injuries it will be closely investigated and then from the results there will be a solution made.

Injuries caused by the mistake of the boat Captains will be the responsibility of the owner of the boat we are charting.

Injuries caused by natural disaster are not a responsibility of Ilulissat Tourist Nature.

Dogsled injuries, Ilulissat Tourist Nature will provide the client with a dogsled and musher, if injuries happen during the sled tour it is at clients own risk.

Ilulissat boat Tours

Ilulissat Tourist Nature

Terms and conditions are valid from 1. January 2018

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